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"Panic in Class Plum!"
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Episode Summary: The Guardian Characters go to Ami's class, the Kindergarten Plum class. Everything appears to be going well for them; all of the Guardian Characters are playing with the children. Panic comes when Nana spots a frustrated student, Maa. Lulu is told of this and manipulates the child, turning his Heart's Egg to a ? Egg. Ami tags along with Amu and the Guardians to go home. Amu and the Guardians notice Maa, and Character Transforms into Amulet Heart. After fighting with clay statues, which keep molding over and over again, Miki switches with Ran. Amu tries to convince Maa to stop, but he ignores her. Finally, Amu says that she will get mad, and Maa hears. She tries to purify him, but after a while, Maa finishes his clay model of Kiseki, and is so happy, that his Egg purifies itself, which causes the statue to collapse. Kiseki mourns for the statue after the collapse. The group is glad Maa is okay, and they head home. Maa's mom comes, and Maa insists she buy him origami paper because he is "done with clay." At home, Amu and her Guardian Characters find out that Ami had gotten a "Guardian Character House" for Ran, Miki,and Su to make them happy.

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