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"I Want to Tell You These Feelings!"
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Episode Summary: Yaya signs Amu and Tadase up for the "Shout Out Your Love! Doki-Doki Confession Contest," so they could investigate Easter's Death Rebel plan. At the contest, Nikaidou apologizes to Yukari, because Yukari wanted the entry prize for Utau so Nikaidou teased her. Yukari and Nikaidou blush when they realize they said that to the audience. Ami also enters the contest with the Plum Class boys. Controlled by Easter's Director, Ikuto extracts X Eggs from the audience before Tadase confesses to Amu. Amu and Tadase Character Transform into Amulet Heart and Platinum Royale. Ikuto Character Transforms into Death Rebel. For a minute, Yoru and Amu's words get to Ikuto, but he quickly changes back. Ikuto escapes and the Embryo appears when Tadase and Amu are purifying the X Eggs using Platinum Heart. Tadase thinks on how you can not only use words to tell a person how you feel, thinking back on when Amu and Yoru snapped Ikuto out of his trance with their strong feelings. Tadase remembers what he wanted to tell Amu in the contest, but he only holds Amu's hand. Amu and Tadase both smile and blush.

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