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"A Sad Christmas Eve!"
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Episode Summary: Amu goes shopping with Nadeshiko and Yaya for a Christmas party. When Amu sees a music video by Utau, Yaya informs Amu that Utau is a new idol singer. Elsewhere, Utau is practicing her performance, but when she becomes disheartened, her manager, Yukari Sanjo, brings up Ikuto. Utau is then determined to work harder. As Amu hurriedly runs home, she comes to a park where different groups are performing music. Amu hears a sorrowful melody and when she follows it, she discovers that it is Ikuto playing his violin. After the Guardian's Christmas party the next day, Amu returns home. However, the Guardian Characters feel the presence of X Eggs. They return to the park and find that everyone's eggs have been extracted en masse and have turn into X Eggs. In the middle of them stood Ikuto who disappears in a burst of wind along with the eggs.

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