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"The Heart's Egg!"
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Episode Summary: Nadeshiko Fujisaki invites Amu to tea at the Royal Garden with the Student Council Guardians, along with a message from Tadase that he will tell her about the Heart's Egg. During P.E. class, the blue egg begins to hatch, unbeknownst to Amu and Ran, and Miki, Amu's second Guardian Character, peers out. However, after seeing Amu and Ran in an argument over a Character Change, Miki runs off. The two soon discover Miki and give chase. Miki warns Amu that if she does not believe in her Guardian Characters, they will disappear. When Amu meets with the Guardians, Tadase, Nadeshiko, Kukai Soma, and Yaya Yuiki, she discovers that they also have Guardian Characters and they invite her to join. However, Amu refuses and runs away. Amu encounters a third-grade admirer, Suzuki, and an X Egg forms from his heart's egg. Amu transforms into Amulet Heart and purifies the X Egg.

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    The closing song kinda reminds me of the tune in Legend of Mermaids from Mermaid Melody.

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