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"Kidnapping of Guardian Characters!"
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Episode Summary: Amu is home alone while her parents go to Ami's school play. Her parents ask her to sign for a crab, that was sent by her grandmother. After a bad encounter with the crab where Miki is caught, Amu goes to meet her parents at a French restaurant. Because Miki is pouting, Amu decides to leave the three at the front of the restaurant. However, Nikaidou steals them. Thinking that they ran away, Amu searches for the Guardian Characters. While searching, she encounters Yoru, who tells Amu that he and Ikuto saw Nikaidou steal Amu's Guardian Characters. Yoru takes Amu to Nikaidou's place, but he leads her through all of the weird cat trails. Amu almost falls off a tall wall, but Ikuto saves her and takes her to confront Nikaidou. Nikaidou is too powerful and he gets away while Ikuto protects her from Nikaidou's powerful X Egg magic.

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