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"Remake Honey! My Would Be Self!"
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Episode Summary: While awaiting Amu to arrive, Su convinces Nikaidou to let her clean up the messy laboratory and make a fresh cup of coffee. While cleaning, Su discovers an old photo of Nikaidou when he was a boy and his mentor. Nikaidou recalls his dream of being a robotics professor and when his own Guardian Egg appeared. However, Nikaidou gave up his dream when his mentor retired due to his wife's illness and Nikaidou's Guardian Egg was broken. Amu arrives at the laboratory, fights a bunch of robots, rescues Su, and purifies all of the X Eggs that Nikaidou had collected. Nikaidou's Guardian Egg reappears and his Guardian Character hatches. The Guardian Character greets Nikaidou, then disappears. Su tells Nikaidou that his "would-be self" can be renewed as many times as needed. Nikaidou stops working for Easter and discovers his mentor did not give up on his dream either.

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