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"Flaky and Fluffy, Leave it to Su!"
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Episode Summary: Nadeshiko tells Amu that the two should become friends. However, Amu sees it as a trick to get her to join the Guardians. Nadeshiko convinces Amu to go together to Tadase's house. The two meet in the school's kitchen to make some snacks. Nadeshiko warns Amu about using the word "Prince" around Tadase. Ikuto interrupts the two and attempts to steal the last egg. However, the egg hatches and Su, Amu's third Guardian Character, emerges. While Amu waits for Nadeshiko at a park, she is surprise when Tadase arrives instead. Panicking, she inadvertently gives him the snacks containing a love note inside. Amu sneaks into Tadase's house to retrieve the note, but discovers that Tadase Character Changes into someone set on world domination whenever he hears the word "Prince". The next day, the Guardians announce Amu as their new member, the Joker.

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