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"Star Class vs. Moon Class! Great Cheerleader Activity!"
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Episode Summary: The Guardians attempt to capture an X Egg, but Rima destroys it instead. Amu scolds Rima for not following the plan, but Rima thinks that Amu's methods are foolish. The next day, the Star and Moon classes are competing against each other in an athletic festival. Rima sits out since she does not see the point in getting all sweaty. When a girl in the Star Class is injured, Amu convinces Rima to take her place. However, Rima still does not want to participate. Another X Egg appears and Amu transforms into Amulet Heart and chases after it. Amu chases the X Egg out onto the athletic field in front of the entire school. Fortunately, everyone mistakes it for a cheerleading routine, and Amu purifies the egg, to the amazement of Rima. After the festival, Kairi informs his sister, Yukari Sanjo, about the events.

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