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"I Can't Help But Fall in Love!"
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Episode Summary: Tadase and Amu go shopping together as Kairi follows them in order to spy on Amu. Amu sees a bracelet that she likes, but Tadase buys Amu a black heart-shaped barrette. Tadase buys himself and Amu ice cream, but Amu's ice cream drips onto her skirt and he runs off to go find a fountain to wet his handkerchief. Ikuto drops by and teases Amu. Amu becomes angry and ends up tripping on one of the shopping bags, falling onto Ikuto. When Tadase returns, a fight breaks out between him and Ikuto. Kairi and El arrive and El forces Amu into a Character Transformation, much to everyone's surprise. However, Amu's effort to stop the fight is ineffective. Tadase and Ikuto continue their fight and eventually Ikuto runs off with Tadase chasing after him. Kairi, who had been watching the whole thing, gives Amu the bracelet she had wanted and then runs off.

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