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"Really!? Big Adventure to the Haunted Mansion!"
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Episode Summary: The Guardians decide to investigate a house that is alleged to be haunted. However, Amu is scared of ghosts and does not want to go. Rima bumps into a boy at school who drops a small photograph of his family. The next day, the Guardians arrive at the house and begin their investigation, but Amu is frightened out of her wits. Ran, Miki, and Su chase after what they think is a ghost, but turns out to be a Guardian Character, Kuuta, who is fading away. Meanwhile, Rima sees the boy she bumped into the day before, Shouta, enter the house and she returns the photo to him. Shouta's dream was to be a painter. However, his parents argued over it and his grandfather, who supported Shouta's dream, died. Shouta's depression causes Kuuta to turn into an X Character. Working together, Rima and Amu Character Transform and purify Kuuta.

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