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"Wedding Cake of the First Love!"
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Episode Summary: Amu's family receives a wedding invitation from Amu's cousin, Shuu. They go to the hotel where Shuu works and Amu finds him in the kitchen. Shuu's dream is to be a patissier and he is excited about his wedding and making his first wedding cake. When Shuu's fiancée, Eriko, arrives, Shuu sticks his foot in his mouth and earns a slap from Eriko. It appears that the wedding may be called off. To repair the situation, Amu appears in front of Eriko as Amulet Angel, but falls down. Eriko tells Amu about when she fell in love with Shuu and that she has no intention of calling off the wedding. However, Shuu's egg has become an X Character and Amu transforms into Amulet Clover and purifies it. Shuu, Eriko, and Amu make a new wedding cake together and the next day, the wedding goes without a hitch.

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