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"Golden Prince! *Part I*"
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Episode Summary: Shuraiya, a prince from a faraway country, makes a grand entrance to Seiyo Elementary to search for his future queen. Shuraiya also has a Guardian Character, Ramira. After seeing Amu transform into Amulet Heart and purify an X Egg, Shuraiya proposes to Amu. However, Amu refuses. Shuraiya informs the Guardians that the real reason he came to Seiyo Elementary was to find the Embryo. Shuraiya is searching for the Embryo because he despises his father and wants to succeed at something his father failed. Unable to obtain any information from the Guardians, Shuraiya demands to see Utau because she works for Easter and may know more about the Embryo. When Yukari learns of this from Kairi, she forms a plan using Nikaidou's old research. Later that night, Utau appears in disguise and hands the prince a pendant telling him that it is what he seeks.

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