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"Character Transformation! Platinum Royale!"
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Episode Summary: Easter is implementing its new project, the Black Diamond CD. It is rumored that a person will have their wish granted if they listen to it. Kairi slips one of the CDs into Tadase's bag. Tadase and Kiseki get into an argument and Kiseki runs off. At home, Tadase finds the CD in his bag. When Kiseki returns, he finds Tadase listening blankly to the CD and Kiseki becomes an egg. Kiseki goes to Amu for help and they find Tadase with a group of other children around a van playing the song from the Black Diamond CD. The music extracts X Eggs from everyone and an X appears on Kiseki's egg. Amu snaps Tadase out of his depression, and Tadase and Kiseki Character Transform into Platinum Royale. Together, they round up the X Eggs and purify them. Among the eggs, one sparkles more brightly then the others and disappears.

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