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"I'm The Trump Card!?"
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Episode Summary: Amu protests to the Guardians about making her a member. However, the Guardians explain that while they have to do boring work, the Joker's responsibility is dealing with her own affairs and handling the X Eggs. Amu receives the Humpty Lock and a pouch to carry her Guardian Characters. Nevertheless, Amu refuses wearing the cape that the Guardians wear. At home, Ikuto drops by and gives Amu a bag of cookies and candies as a way to make up, but warns Amu to not search for the Embryo or they will be enemies. The next day, Amu chases after an X Egg, but bumps into the new teacher, Yuu Nikaidou, and loses track of it. The egg hatches into an X Character and finds Amu at the school's planetarium were Amu Character Transforms into Amulet Heart and purifies the X Character.

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