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"True Self!"
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Episode Summary: The secret behind the Black Diamond CD is revealed and Kairi is conflicted about his sister's plans. Il becomes frustrated because Utau has been ignoring her recently. Meanwhile, the Guardians come to the realization that Kairi was an Easter spy. When Nikaidou gives the Guardians tickets to a special concert, the Guaridans go to confront Kairi. As they arrive, they find Utau extracting X Eggs from the gathered crowd. Ikuto pulls Utau away and Kairi blocks the Guardians from chasing them. However, the X Eggs goes wild and form a blob. During the battle, Yaya Character Transforms into Dear Baby for the first time. Amu helps Kairi to remember his true self and Kairi Character Transforms into Samurai Soul. Together, they purify all of the X Eggs. After the battle, Tadase sees the sparkling egg again and Kairi informs the Guardians about Black Diamond's mainstream debut.

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