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"Utau Hoshina! The Last Battle!"
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Episode Summary: Yukari reviews her plan to find the Embryo to her supervisor. Afterwards, she remarks about how useless Il is. Il becomes furious, but Diamond reminds Il about how Il teased El for being useless. Tadase tells Amu about his past with Utau and Ikuto, and how Utau enjoyed singing. The next day, all five Guardians confront Utau for the last time. Amu unsuccessfully tries to remind Utau about how Utau enjoyed singing. Utau transforms with Il and attacks Amu. However, when the other Guardians come to Amu's defense, Ikuto appears and prevents them. After Il is convinced by El to combine their powers to save Utau, they both side with Amu, and Amu transforms with Il, becoming Amulet Devil. However, Utau, angry at Il's abandonment, Character Transforms with Diamond. However, shortly after, Amu is finally able to believe in herself so Diamond returns to Amu and the X on her is lifted.

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