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"Rima's Advent!? The Goddess of Comedy!"
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Episode Summary: Rima wins two tickets to her favorite comedy show and asks Amu to come along. As Amu and Rima pass by a park, they see a girl, Miyako, practicing her comedy act. Rima, unsatisfied with Miyako's performance, offers to train Miyako. After a Character Change, Miyako believes Rima to be a "Goddess of Comedy" and accepts the training. The day of the auditions, Amu and Rima visit Miyako backstage when Higeshiro, the judge of the auditions, appears. However, Higeshiro feels insulted because Miyako was critical of his act. During the performance, Higeshiro severely ridicules Miyako and she runs off stage. When Amu and Rima finds her, an X Egg has already emerged and hatches. After purifying the X Character, the girls return to the stage where Higeshiro's act is failing. Miyako saves Higeshiro's act. After Rima admonishes Higeshiro for his act, he believes her to be the "Goddess of Comedy."

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