Shugo Chara! Episode 47 English Subbed

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"I'm Utau's Manager!?"
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Episode Summary: While Amu is busy with her summer homework, she receives a call from Yukari. Yukari asks Amu to be Utau's manager for the day because Yukari is sick. Amu grudgingly accepts and accompanies Utau to the TV station. However, they find out that Utau's appearance was canceled. Utau explains that because she broke her contract by leaving Easter, her reputation and popularity has plummeted. Amu becomes determined to help Utau and the two search for a studio to debut Utau's latest single. However, their efforts are unsuccessful. They rest at a park and begin talking about Ikuto when an X Egg appears. While Amu transforms into Amulet Spade and runs to purify it, two more X Eggs appear and hatch. Realizing the X Characters need her song, Utau transforms with El and purifies them. This attracts attention from passerbys and Utau begins singing her new song before the gathered crowd.

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