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"Have We Really Found It?! The Embryo!"
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Episode Summary: One night, Kiseki sees the Embryo fly past him, but thinks it was just the moon. When Ikuto sees the Embryo the next day, he realizes that it is attracted to other eggs. Later, Kiseki tells Miki about his encounter with the Embryo, but Miki misunderstands and starts a series of telephone-like retellings. Kazuomi Hoshina, Ikuto's stepfather, has one of Easter's employees plants a tracking device on Ikuto, but Ikuto quickly notices it. The next night, the Guardian Characters go off to find the Embryo, but Su becomes separated from the group. When the Guardians notice their Guardian Characters are missing, they go search for them. They find Su and she leads them to the other Guardian Characters, which turns out to be one of Easter's labs. The Guardians discover an X Egg and Amu transforms with Su and purifies it. Afterward, Ikuto returns the tracking device to Kazuomi.

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