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"I'll Get the Embryo!"
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Episode Summary: In a dream, Diamond asks Amu if she knows what her true wish is. Thinking about this, Amu encounters Nikaidou and Yukari. Nikaidou informs Amu that the Embryo should appear tonight. While the Guardians celebrate the news, Easters sets plans in motion to trap Amu and capture the Embryo. Ikuto learns of the trap and frees Amu. Meanwhile, hundreds of search devices powered by X Eggs search the city for the Embryo but go out of control. Amu rejoins the Guardians and together, they purify the X Eggs. The Embryo appears among the eggs, and Amu and Ikuto jump to grab it. One of Easter's researchers controlling the search devices accidentally launches a shell towards Ikuto and Amu, but Ikuto blocks it. Kukai and Tadase rescue them before they could hit the ground. Tadase declares to Ikuto that Tadase will never give anything up to Ikuto. Ikuto grins and leaves.

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  1. Achamp

    Aug 4th, 2014

    I was challenged to explain this anime without having watched anything but the last episode. Wish me luck

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