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"The Small Egg!"
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Episode Summary: Amu takes her little sister, Ami, with her to a guardian meeting. Amu learns that Ami is also able to see the Guardian Characters. While the Guardians hold their meeting, the Guardian Characters play with Ami and find a treasure map to a magical egg protected by a dragon. Ami and the Guardian Characters sneak out of the Royal Garden in search for the magic egg and, along with Yoru who left Ikuto to search for the Embryo by himself, get into lots of trouble at the school. When the Guardians discovered that Ami and the Guardian Characters are missing, they run off to look for them. Amu and the Guardian Characters uncover a time capsule under a dragon-shape tree when the Guardians finally find them. Inside, the capsule contained essays that each class member wrote about what they dreamed of becoming, including Tadase's dream of dominating the world.

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