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"Flickering Illusion"
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Episode Summary: Mana finally tells Yorito that Aono is a Yaka, but he initially does not believe her. He later confirms this after confronting his "sister" about what she is hiding from him, but Aono would not tell him. Yorito and Matsuri meet in the abandoned building where Yorito stabbed Matsuri in episode seven. Yorito asks her why he would have memories of hundreds of years ago, and Matsuri stabs him with Takeshi's sword to show him the truth. It is revealed that Yorito is not Aono's true brother but merely a paper puppet she had created to fill the deep hole of loneliness in her heart when her true brother died many years ago. Made so they have the same appearance and name, Aono was desperate to find a place where she and her brother can live without disturbances, so she controlled and altered his memories.

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