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"A Full-frontal Hero Arises in the World!"
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Episode Summary: Tomoki is a regular teenage boy who enjoys peace and quiet. When Sugata spots an abnormal structure in the sky he convinces Tomoki, Sohara, and Mikaiko to join him in investigating but when Sugata and the other can't make it only Tomkoi arrives. Suddenly the hole opens and Ikaros falls out along with large pillars. After running off Tomoki saves her and takes to her to his house where she tells him he is her master. After testing out her powers (including ordering Ikaros to strip naked then finding our she can't take back commands and is standing nude in front of him and freezing time so he can look at girl's panties) Tomoki joking commands Ikaros to make him ruler of the world. Ikaros obeys but since the card she used realized nobody would accept him as ruler it made everybody vanish leaving only Tomoki and Ikaros. Seeing how sad Tomoki is with everybody gone Ikaros asks if it would please Tomoki if she terminated herself. When Tomoki jokingly says yes Ikaros creates a gun and is about to shoot herself in the head when he stops her saying it was only a joke. Tomoki then wishes this was all a bad dream so Ikaros uses another card to make everybody vanishing into a bad dream thus returning things to normal except with an Angeloid.

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