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"Where the Melodious Words Of an Angel Go"
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Episode Summary: It is revealed that the Master of Synapse forced Nymph to rips the wings off a bird she was keeping for him amusement. Tomoki and friend's high school is having a cultural festival with a snooty, rich private high school. The kids from the private high school come to Tomoki's school which eventually leads to a battle of the bands. Mikako's family runs public relations for their high school so the PTA from the private high school does the same which splits the town in two. Ikaros is having trouble with the tambourine and gets jealous of how much Tomoki praises Nymph and later grabbing Sohara's hand. Come the festival the private high school play a classical orchestra. Tomoki sings a very perverted song but reveals it was only a warm up. Ikaros sings lead vocals on the lead song and their high school wins. As they celebrate the annual bonfire is mentioned where a couple must hold hands. Both Nymph and Sohara jump at the idea of going with Tomoki but decided to let Ikaros go instead. Ikaros enjoys herself but is fearful of how Tomoki would react if he knew the other side of her.

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