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"Off We Go To My Bathouse Paradise"
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Episode Summary: Tomoki invites the girls to go to a bathouse who know he only wants to peak at them so Sohara has Ikaros hand over all of her cards. Upset Tomoki gets the idea to dress as a girl to spy on them. He tries to talk Sugata to help him but Sugata is unwilling to until Tomoki suggests that the New World might be there. Sugata agrees to help him but says dressing like a girl won't do and using a card he was studying turns to Tomoki into a girl named Tomoko. Tomoko goes to school the next day and fits perfectly as a girl so he has Ikaros ask to go to a bathouse with Tomoko going along. Once arriving Ikaros stays outide at first and talks with Nymph who shows more signs of wanting a new master. Tomoko enjoys being able to spy on women but goes overboard and reverts to Tomoki. After being throttled by Sohara the woman in charge of the bathouse makes him clean. Sugata, who had been watching in an attempt to see the New World, escaped in time but during the closing credits it's revealed he was caught be Mikako. The girls enjoy their bath but Ikaros and Nymph are both bothered. After the credits Tomoki is talking to Sugata and syas he wants to punch who ever made the Angeloids.

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