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"Chains of No Escape"
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Episode Summary: The episode opens with Tomoki trying to get Ikaros to smile. Sohara tries tickling her but when Tomoki tickles her leading to groping she karate chops him. They Angeloids then go Sugata who is with Mikako. Sugata is unsure how to teach such a basic human emotion while Mikako suggests hitting somebody with a fly swatter. Ikaros does this to Tomoki which only amuses Mikako. The next morning it is revealed Nymph glued both her and Ikaros' faces into smile but Tomoki helps them was it off. After seeing it on a soap opera Nymph suggests a three way date. First he tries shopping with then a movie. Nymph suggests something perverted saying to Tomoki "it looks right up your alley" while Ikaros suggests a movie called "Watermelonman". Scrapping the movie Tomoki takes the girls to a fair where Ikaros attacks the elephant dressed mascot. After taking Ikaros on the tea-cup ride the three visit the zoo-like animal exhibits. After leaving Nymph compares the caged animals to them and their collars then wonders if Tomoki would be happy if they were freed. Ikaros takes this literally freeing the animals who attack Tomoki and strip him naked. Tomoki is mistaken for the one who set them free and arrested. After being released Nymph says the date needs to end in a kiss and tries to kiss Tomoki causing a jealosu Ikaros to take off. Nymph flies away without kissing Tomoki who finds Ikaros, dirty after a rough landing, and walks her home while Nymph is attacked by the Harpies loyal to the Master of Synapse.

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