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"Queen of the Sky"
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Episode Summary: The episode picks up where the last one left off with the Harpies telling Nymph the present to help capture Ikaros because the Master of Synapse was worried about her however the Master reveals they are there to bring Ikaros back dead or alive and once Nymph returns happy that she succeeded he will have her killed. As Tomoki and the other prepare for their Christmas party Ikaros is noticeable worried about Nymph and goes out in search of her. Before searching for Nymph however Ikaros says goodbye to Tomoki because she can't put in him in danger. Tomoki is confused by this so he and the others go looking for her. When Ikaros finds Nymph the latter tries to talk her into coming back but is ambushed by the Harpies. Nymph is hurt by this betrayal and doesn't want Ikaros to die so she attacks the Harpies before they can kill Ikaros. The two survive however and attack Nymph ripping off her wings. Tomoki and the others arrive and see this as Ikaros rises. Ikaros reveals what she is but Tomoki says he doesn't hate her and he wants her to defeat the Harpies. Ikaros battles the two while Tomoki and the others try to break Nymphs's collar finally doing so while Ikaros sends the Harpies running. It begins snowing and back at Tomoki's house Ikaros smiles for the first time.

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