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"An Airborne Prismatic Panty Adventure"
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Episode Summary: Tomoki borrows one of Ikaros' cards and brings it to school with him. When he sees Sohara is wearing panties with puppies on them he subconsciously wishes she would change them and grants his wish sending her panties blasting off. Sohara tries other but thanks to the card they are all sent flying as well. Eventually the panties of every girl in school and sent flying by the wish. Ikaro and Mikako go shopping and buy many panties while Tomoki and Sugata escort Sohara to Tomoki's home with Tomoki acting as a shield against Suhara exposing herself by accident. When they get back to Tomoki's Sohara tries on every pair of panties but they all get rejected. Finally Sohara tries on the last pair, panties with a teddy bear on them, and they work ending the wish. Tomoki then realizes the puppy dog panties remind him of the day Sohara got her deadly karate chop which results in her being chopped.

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