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"Love and Triangles, Revisited"
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Episode Summary: At the beginning of this episode, the large flock of panties from episode two return to Tomoki after circumnavigating the globe. Naturally, Tomoki keeps them and pins them around his house like trophies which angers Sohara. Sohara gets revenge by using one of Ikaros' cards to make any panties explode every time Tomoki sees them. With Tomoki trapped in his house, Sohara and Ikaros enjoy time together shopping and eating. Although, Ikaros keeps getting signals that Tomoki is in trouble, but Sohara is happy with what she did. While eating, Sohara asks Ikaros if she has done the same with her friends. Ikaros tells her that she has no friend, but Sohara tells her that she is her friend, and then starts talking about Tomoki. Sohara starts feeling guilty about what she did and goes back to his house. As Sohara opens the door to Tomoki's house, Tomoki is running towards the door to escape, but instead he bumps into Sohara, landing right on top of her, with his face on her crotch. When he sees her panties, it causes her panties to exploded also, knocking Tomoki unconscious. When he comes to, Sugata, Mikako and Ikaros are there and tell him that the explosion had sent Sohara flying into his house. After Mikako tells Tomoki that he needs to man-up and rescue Sohara, Tomoki runs inside to get her (of course Sugata points out to Mikako that she could have sent in anyone else, since the panties wouldn't explodes if it was someone else. To which Mikako replied, that it wouldn't have been as fun). Inside, Sohara keeps running away from Tomoki do to the fact that she doesn't have any panties on, and eventually heads into Tomoki's bedroom. Unfortunately, Sohara ends up activating the giant robot guard that Tomoki had built the nigh before to guard his porn magazine in his closet. After defeating his own robot, his whole house ends up being destroyed. By this time, a large group of people have gathered outside do to the commotion. Tomoki is then seen standing completely naked onto of the ruins of his house, and carrying Sohara in his arms as the crowd cheers. Seeing Sohara's thighs (knowing that she's still going commando) causes something to poke Sohara on her behind, which causes Sohara to blush (since she knows what it is) and karate chop Tomoki.

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