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"Hot Night With the Big Fish"
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Episode Summary: With no house Tomoki first tries to stay with Sohara (who refuses because she knows Tomoki will go through her panties) and Sugata (who he refuses to stay with), Tomoki and Ikaros, along with Sugata and Sohara, end up staying with Mikako. Ikaros takes a liking to Mikao's father's head which resembles a watermelon and everything goes fine until Tomoki stumbles into a sacred bath only to be used by family members of Mikako because it was once used by a priestess. The punishment is death by decapitation but Ikaros intervenes and showing off a small bit of her power convinces Mikako's father to find another way. Tomoki, Ikaros, Sohara, Sugata and Mikako find themselves on a plane headed to an uncharted island. Upon arriving everybody splits up to find essentials and Tomoki eats a psychedelic mushroom. After his trip Tomoki hears yelling and finds Sohara in a massive foot-print. Alone and not knwoing what happens to the others the duo live on the island for a time before a massive sea monster shows up. It grabs Sohara causing Tomoki to attack it revealing the "monster" to be Ikaros covered in shells and seeweed after combing the ocean for tuna. When Tomoki asks if she knows where Sugata and Mikako are are Ikaros takes a moment then knocks down a wall revealing the whole thing was a allusion and punishment for breaking the rule about the bath.

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