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"Swimsuit Surf Brigade, Go!Go!Go!"
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Episode Summary: Tomoki wakes up and finds Nymph sitting in his living room. Later he, the two Angeloids, Sohara, Sugata and Mikako head to the beach for fun in the sun. Nymph shows a dislike for humans while Sugata competes in am eating contest. After promising to go boating with Sohara, who can't swim, but after seeing Ikaros walking under water he tries to teach her to swim forgetting about Sohara who feels neglected. Sohara goes out on her own and falls overboard while trying to grab her paddle, which had fallen overboard, just as the weather takes a turn for the worse. Tomoki tries to save Sohara but it is Nymph who saves her. Tomoki feels bad about forgetting Sohara but later that night goes to the beach with Ikaros after she isn't programmed to sleep. Nymph follows them but is harassed by a group of men. Tomoki intervenes but is no match for the men until Ikaros gets involved amd scares them off after again showing off her abilities as an Angeloid. Tomoki says he never wants to see her like that again later adding she looked like something out of a movie.

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