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"For Whom the Shooting Festival is Held"
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Episode Summary: The gang go to a festival where Mikako has arranged a shooting contest with the winner getting $ 10 million yen ($129, 131 US dollars). Tomoki tries but soon fiends others in town have ganged up on him. He is trapped until Sugata snipes them all. He then enters into a sniping battle and then hand-to-hand combat with Mikako but they are evenly matched. Meanwhile Ikaros finds Nymph outside of the village but when she approaches Nymph knocks Ikaros into a tree then removes her protection level. With the Uranua Queen re-awoken Ikaros easily overpowers Nymph but spares her life telling her to return to the Synapse. Tomoki finds his way to the man Mikako set up the contest with who reveals he mixed real bullets with the fake ones. Just then Sohara shows up and chases Tomoki to the shrine but Ikaros shows up and is shot in the head only to sit up. The man behind the contest is revealed by Mikako (who was presumably eliminated by Sugata who is also out) to be in the comtest and he defeats both Tomoki and Sohara for the prize. Later Tomoki tells Ikaros not to risk her life like that and notices the bruises on her (but knows nothing about the fight with Nymph). As he is talking Ikaros begins to cry.

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