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"The Delusional Story That Began With a Lie"
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Episode Summary: It is revealed at the beginning of this episode that after returning to the Synapse that Nymph was beaten but her master who sent her back to Earth to bring back Ikaros. Tomoki and the others headed to a fair. After telling Ikaros to be more human she begins lying to everybody. Tomoki sees an erotic DVD being sold and decides to raise money for it with the help of Nymph who found him watching a couple having sex. First he tries to sell a bunch of junk but to no avail. Inspired the others set up stand with more success (except Sugata who is advocating the New World Adventure Club). Tomoki then tries selling food but finds female customers hard to come by with his breast inspired dishes so he sell photos of himself with still no result. Nymph then makes Tomoki irresistible to woman causing a large group of females to swarm around him but eventually she ends that. Happy he has enough money Tomoki thanks Nymph who begins to doubt her loyalty to her old master. At the end of the episode Ikaros kisses Tomoki.

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