Soul Eater Not! Episode 1 English Subbed

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15 Responses to “Soul Eater Not! Episode 1”

  1. chamber

    Apr 8th, 2014


  2. random guy

    Apr 8th, 2014


  3. Elstender


    Apr 8th, 2014

    Third Who gives a F*ck….
    JK…. XD

  4. SupMan

    Apr 8th, 2014


  5. klamens

    Apr 8th, 2014


  6. brylesan

    Apr 8th, 2014

    waz that??

  7. olympus

    Apr 9th, 2014

    YaY for Girls Triangle

  8. crnr


    Apr 9th, 2014

    wut??? I was not expecting that 2 meister and 1 weapon huh I Wonder how would they even share 1 weapon XD

  9. anrenvergara

    Apr 9th, 2014


  10. DamnIt!!

    Apr 10th, 2014

    Wait, Sid is a Zombie? What happen, :(

  11. Lovelysoula

    Apr 12th, 2014

    So good xD

  12. isarahbunny

    Apr 12th, 2014


  13. Megadon

    Apr 16th, 2014

    Sid is not a zombie because NOT! takes place before the event of the original soul eater. About a year to 1 1/2 before the events of soul eater. I knew people would like the anime. Now start following the manga too and you’ll be good.

  14. Shemaru

    Feb 7th, 2015

    Dr.franken stein kill him for fun

  15. Shemaru

    Feb 7th, 2015

    Why they just cut it in helf ea one a helf finish

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