Space Battleship Yamato 2199 (2012) Episode 26 English Subbed

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16 Responses to “Space Battleship Yamato 2199 (2012) Episode 26”

  1. Grumbeard

    Nov 2nd, 2013

    And so it ends. Awesome. The wedding thing was a bit rushed IMHO but other than that great.

  2. Matthew Love

    Nov 2nd, 2013

    Great ending to a great show. The last episode was very emotional. Little bit of tears here and there. I hope they consider making a second season with the Comet Empire.

  3. betrayer

    Nov 5th, 2013

    And this, ladies and gentleman, it is how a classic shall be remade… should be the standard and the rule.

  4. time-breaker

    Nov 6th, 2013

    best anime ive ever seen. great story, great ending, all around awesome.

    i do wish that would have shown okita sitting in the captain chair as the “ghost” of the ship in the very end though but still love it.

  5. Mac4723

    Nov 9th, 2013

    Now if they’ll just remake the other two and add the extended scenes.

  6. Stilghar

    Nov 10th, 2013

    I’ll admit it.

    This is the only anime to ever have caused me to need a Kleenex. ;)

  7. haseoyashimora1

    Nov 17th, 2013

    OMG THE FEELS my damn nose was running this whole episode!

  8. mcvanba

    Jan 29th, 2014

    And thus ends a damn good series, can’t wait to see if they do a second series. I want to them in action against the Comet Empire.

  9. Justin

    Feb 20th, 2014

    Best show ever but still I don’t know if they will make second season because in the original they did not face the comet empire but it’s still a possibility

  10. Justin

    Feb 20th, 2014

    Anybody else cry though this episode was ver emotional and DONT LIE

  11. Justin

    Feb 20th, 2014

    The series was so good I’m going to re watch it anybody else agree

  12. T-Y-T

    Apr 18th, 2014

    I really like the doctor character he is the best dcotor ive ever seen in anime and he is a drinker too haha but all in all the characters are doing great in their part im glad i found this anime series my tears fall in the final episodes must make an another season i want to see how they save the earth getting their rewards ^_^

  13. Eck1

    Feb 22nd, 2015

    Best remake of a classic series loved every second.

  14. GJ

    Mar 17th, 2015

    Fantastic, absolutely fantastic. I have not seen an anime like this in some time. the only gripe I have is the ending but that’s just personal taste. But all in all a superb anime that should be on anyone’s much watch list.

  15. kai

    Jun 17th, 2015

    A golden pice,it will always have a place in my anime library.

  16. Zach

    Aug 7th, 2015

    Found myself saluting at captain Okitas passing…

    A great soldier, and an even greater man.

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