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"Mother Critical"
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Episode Summary: Ginza retrieves Kagura after some minor struggles and returns her to an ailing Shinsen. After she tries to escape yet again, Ginza reveals her plan and takes Saiga away, leaving Kagura with Shinsen and Suitengu. Kagura is taken to Suitengu's research ship, where she is put to sleep and her body is kept from menstruating. Ginza makes love with a sleeping Saiga and Suitengu calms the members of the Club, assuring them that it will reopen shortly. After, Suitengu pledges his loyalty to Shinsen again. The backer of the Tennōzu Group dies in a boating "accident" and Tsujido contacts Ran Yurigaoka to plan to kill Saiga. Kagura awakens in the ship and hears of Suitengu's plans to marry Shinsen and Suitengu unveils the wedding dress to Shinsen.

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