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"Left Hand Lullaby"
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Episode Summary: In a flashback, Shinsen is revealed to have been genetically modified to become beautiful. Her mother claims that Shinsen betrayed her and caused her misery. Kagura tricks a scientist on the research ship into allowing her to escape. Suitengu signs the official marriage license with Shinsen, but tells Tsujido to keep Kagura away from Shinsen. Yurigaoka attacks Ginza while she is sleeping, but she reacts and stops him. His power, which makes his tattoos into physical objects, allows him to disable Ginza while he escapes. Kagura finds her grandmother before Niihari captures Kagura, but Shinsen finds them. She then tears the marriage license apart following Kagura's revelation and pulls a power play, leaving Suitengu, his men, and Kagura at the mercy of her servants. However, Suitengu makes quick work of the servants with his Euphoric ability and kills Shinsen.

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