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"Ginza the Lawless"
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Episode Summary: As Kagura clutches the lifeless body of Shinsen in her arms, Suitengu reveals his plan to marry Kagura to inherit the Tennōzu Group. Ginza visits Saiga in jail and reveals that she was attacked by Yurigaoka, but Saiga reveals his power by blasting through the cell. Ginza drives Saiga to retrieve the test results. Suitengu tells the other members of the Club of his planned marriage to Kagura and reassures them that she will remain the "goddess." Yurigaoka preys on another girl and kills her. The test results reveal the genetic basis of Saiga's powers and how Kagura's fluids can activate those powers. When Saiga and Ginza turn to leave, they are attacked by Yurigaoka. He uses a spider implanted on Ginza's skin to control her, but Saiga still defeats him he is hit by a bullet that Saiga dodges.

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