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"Hell is a Wet Woman"
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Episode Summary: Saiga and Kagura continue to avoid Suitengu's men, and Ginza drinks herself senseless. Missing person posters containing Saiga's photo are posted, so they travel to the countryside to avoid suspicion. Tsujido approaches Miharu Shirumaku to ask her to pursue Saiga and Kagura, and she is found to be a mute. Kagura recounts the tale of The Little Mermaid and collapses with a fever. Tsujido tells Makabe and Niihari about Shirumaku's past and also move to pursue Saiga. Saiga switches from the trains to a car to avoid detection, but they enter a bank of fog and Shirumaku makes advances on Saiga, going as far as to try to kiss him. When this fails, she entraps him in water and attempts to drown him, but Kagura saves Saiga and Shirumaku finally "joins her mother as she is evaporated into the atmosphere.

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