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"The Reaper and the Nouveau Riche"
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Episode Summary: Suitengu listens to the melody of his music box and utters the name "Yui." He begins to reminisce about his childhood with his sister, Yui. On that fateful day, he discovers his parents hung and a man arrives to collect the debt they owe. Yui attempts to pay with money from a child's game, but the man discards the money and takes her captive and sends Suitengu off to army training. Suitengu always keeps his music box and survives the battles for seven years. On his last mission, he is sent to attack a research laboratory, but when the rest of his squad is defeated, he ends up becoming a test subject. He is healed and given an Euphoric power which allows him to defeat the army when they attack again. After arriving in Japan, he saves the lives of Tsujido, Makabe, and Niihari, and they become his followers. Then, he entices Shinsen into his plan for dominance and sets his plan into motion.

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