Speed Grapher Episode 20 English Subbed

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"Good Vibrations"
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Episode Summary: Ochiai's attacks, vibrations in the air, are unavoidable, and Saiga almost dies. He escapes to the underground subway tunnels however, and continues to duel with Ochiai. Ginza and Saiga's boss discover the stage covered in the bodies of the White Eagles, and Ginza finds the book containing the names of all of the members of the Roppongi Club and departs. Professor Nishiya, a friend of Ryougoku's, reveals his role in the capture of Kagura. When nothing goes as he expected, he kidnaps Kagura and attempts to rape her to activate the virus within him, but is stopped. Kagura collapses in Ryougoku's arms, and they agree to cooperate. Saiga struggles to defeat Ochiai, and finally does when a train arrives to light his camera. Ginza is captured by Chief Ekoda, the Chief of the Police Department when she goes to confront him about his membership.

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