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"All Hail the Glutton"
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Episode Summary: Saiga begins to go blind as a side-effect of his Euphoric powers. He awakens from a dream of Kagura and struggles out of the subway tunnels. Kagura, still entrapped, exchanges words with Doctor Ryougoku from across a wall. Ginza awakens and discovers Chief Ekoda's leg fetish. When he covers Ginza's legs in the drugs from the Tennōzu Group, she accidentally kills him in a fit of insanity. She infiltrates the Club to investigate after cleaning her legs of Tennōzu Group's drugs. Ryougoku discovers a way to save Kagura, but before he can tell her, Kagura is brought before Prime Minister Kamiya. He reveals his fetish for food and his plan to attack Suitengu, and transforms into his Euphoric form while eating. Saiga prepares to attack Suitengu as well, but Suitengu defeats the soldiers sent to kill him and moves on the offensive.

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