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"The Roppongi Crisis"
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Episode Summary: Attacks continue on the Tennōzu Group building, but they fail to interrupt either Ginza's battle with Tsujido and Makabe or Saiga's duel with Suitengu. Saiga and Suitengu both attack each other with words before finally using their powers. A missile strike causes a column to fall on Tsujido and Makabe, and Makabe dies to save Tsujido. Tsujido transforms into his Euphoric form and temporarily disables Ginza before she finally defeats him. Saiga and Ginza meet, and Saiga tells Ginza to take Kagura and run while he fights Suitengu, so she forcefully drags Kagura away. Saiga is unable to kill Suitengu before he finally goes blind, but Suitengu spares Saiga and leaves him on a separate building before causing the Tennōzu Group's building to erupt into flame, killing the members of the Club and destroying all of the money he gathered, plunging the world into a financial crisis. Five years later, Kagura, cured by Ryougoku's medical treatment, finally reunites with Saiga.

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