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"Film Like A Bullet"
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Episode Summary: The club members and guards attempt to kill Saiga, but his wounds quickly heal. After discovering that he can cause explosions by taking a photo, Saiga kills the guards, destroys the hall. Grabbing Kagura, he escapes with her in his arms. When he finally is able to pause to rest on a bridge above water, Kagura awakens and panics over her situation. Suitengu arrives and tells Kagura that it is all just a dream but she jumps into the water below in panic and Saiga jumps in after her to save her. When they resurface outside of the club, she begs Saiga to show her true freedom, but Tsujido, Suitengu's right-hand man, shoots Saiga and captures Kagura. Kagura is returned to the Tennōzu Mansion, where Suitengu cages her.

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  1. Boy

    May 9th, 2013

    i wonder if he were to go out in space and he took a picture of the world, if it would blow up. . .

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