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"Lethal Headshot"
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Episode Summary: Both Saiga and Suitengu's men unearth information about the other. Saiga asks Ginza to set up a trap for his pursuers and then sneaks into the mansion where Kagura is being held. When Suitengu's men attack Saiga's home, they walk straight into Ginza's trap and are arrested. At the Tennōzu Mansion, Saiga infiltrates the mansion, frees Kagura, and escapes. When Suitenu realizes this, he calls Katsuya Shirogane, who transforms into the rubber man. Kagura escapes alone after Saiga promises to reunite with her. During the fight, Shirogane seems to have the upper hand, but is ultimately killed. Under a billboard bearing a famed photo of Saiga's, Kagura and Saiga reunite.

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