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"Whore of Diamonds"
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Episode Summary: Back at the mansion, Suitengu tells Shinsen that Kagura was captured. She shoots him as punishment and orders him to continue pursuing Kagura, so he calls in Kaoru Koganei, a wealthy socialite, to help capture Kagura. While searching, Tsujido smells Kagura's scent on a man who molested Kagura on the train so he, Niihari, Makabe, and Koganei begin pursuit. Saiga, foreseeing this, travels to another city via train to hide with the help of his neighbor's friend. Saiga and Kagura arrive at the show pub owned by Bob's male, cross-dressing "sister". Kagura quickly befriends the cross-dressing "showgirls", but before long, Koganei tracks them down and enters the pub.

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