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"Wolf and Silent Farewell"

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Episode Summary: Holo and Lawrence are slowly surrounded by Chloe and the Medioh Company. A pursuer stabs Lawrence, slowing him and eventually causing him and Holo to become trapped. Chloe tries to convince Lawrence to hand over Holo in exchange for his life, but he refuses. To protect Lawrence, Holo transforms into her wolf form and rampages through their pursuers before disappearing as Lawrence blacks out. He awakens in the Milone Company headquarters, where he is informed that despite the vast profits, there were also vast losses in the coin venture, so there is little money left for him. Lawrence takes his payment in pepper but soon receives a bill for new clothes and apples. After realizing that Holo is still around, Lawrence reunites with her and they agree to continue their travels together.

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    So beautiful in the end!!!!! ^.^

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