Spice and Wolf Episode 8 English Subbed

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"Wolf and Virtuous Scales"

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Episode Summary: Lawrence and Holo travel to the town of Poloson, where Lawrence sells the pepper he received from the Milone Company. During the exchange, Holo reveals that the man buying the pepper is attempting to swindle Lawrence. In exchange for not reporting the swindler, Lawrence receives more profit than he originally expected. While traveling to the church city of Rubenhaigen, Lawrence and Holo talk about future profit from the armor he received from the merchant and the illegality of smuggling gold. They pass a group of travelers who warn them of mercenaries from the north. Continuing on the road, they come across a female shepherd and stop to greet her, though Holo is less than enthusiastic because of the instinctive hostility between shepherds and wolves.

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