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"Taurus 2"

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Episode Summary: Episode Taurus Part 2. Again in the student council room it is Kazuki, Homare and Oushirou talking about how Tsukiko is doing in the archery club, then a flashback begins showing when Tsukiko entered the club and how hard-working she is. After a hard day she falls asleep and Homare finds her, when she wakes up he tells her that she shouldn´t force herself so much, what he said made her start to cry and confess that she was feeling bad because she was being treated differently because of her gender that made Homare see that she was really trying to improve and in the end her consoled her. There ends the flashback. After that the three of them went to see where was Tsukiko. At the end of the episode it shows Homare, Azusa and Tsukiko showing up late at the archery room and Miyaji scolding Azusa.

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