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19 Responses to “Sword Art Offline Episode 1”

  1. xXboombaXx


    Nov 11th, 2012


  2. Onglie


    Nov 11th, 2012

    Hah….. Offline

  3. gangers

    Nov 11th, 2012


  4. BlessingsXI

    Nov 11th, 2012


  5. BitNdragon

    Nov 11th, 2012

    this was a little stupid but at least it’s good for some laughs so not a total waste of time

  6. Betrayer

    Nov 12th, 2012


  7. AnguisNox


    Nov 12th, 2012

    hah… Well this was funny :3

  8. leoxarious


    Nov 12th, 2012

    Haha.. That is very amusing~ ^^
    Looking forward for “Sword Art Offline”.. X3

  9. hollowfox


    Nov 12th, 2012

    lol, amusing… funny to watch but not as good as the real SA-Online, [just incase anyone gets confused when i say SAO :P ]

  10. Were-ram

    Nov 14th, 2012

    that was funny ina cute kinda way

  11. Aphexyo

    Nov 24th, 2012

    Lol, Sachi, Silica, Lizabeth and now Lyfa?
    Should had rage more, Asuna.

  12. LIghtning

    Dec 7th, 2012

    funny how Kirito swears by his sword and Asuna calms down

  13. squadi

    Mar 22nd, 2013

    LOOL i like it

  14. Vongola Primo

    Apr 1st, 2013

    LOL xD Epic SAO :v

  15. haruyu

    Apr 5th, 2013


  16. wowwoww

    Apr 5th, 2013


  17. Sephirus

    Apr 21st, 2013

    Checking it out for science~!

  18. Awesomeperson

    Aug 11th, 2013


  19. Shemaru

    Mar 8th, 2015

    I can’t watch anymore i stop at 3:20 no more please of thes bullshit

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